Sony PS4 Will Be In Full Supply This Summer

The PlayStation 4 is one popular device and it’s easily jumping from store shelves and into the homes of gamers. We’ve reported about this in the past, Sony is having a tough time keeping up the demand for the PlayStation 4 console in several retailers among the regions the console is available. During GDC, The Wall Street Journal had asked Sony’s Andrew House on the supply demand.

Andrew House made mention that the PlayStation 4 is a tough console to keep up with supply demands. According to Andrew, you can expect a shortage of consoles from time-to-time until early in the summer months. The highest demand happens to be in the United States and Europe so if you’re located in a different region, you’ll have a better chance of getting a console from store shelves.

Though that’s not the only Sony device that is running into shortage supply. Even the PlayStation Camera is having a hard time staying on shelves. Sony has underestimated the amount of eager consumers wanting the peripheral for their PlayStation 4 console.