Sony PS4 Will Be In Full Supply This Summer

The PlayStation 4 is one popular device and it’s easily jumping from store shelves and into the homes of gamers. We’ve reported about this in the past, Sony is having a tough time keeping up the demand for the PlayStation 4 console in several retailers among the regions the console is available. During GDC, The … Read more

UK PlayStation 4 Supply Shortage Should End This April

Sony’s PlayStation 4 console is selling tremendously! There’s no getting around it, if you’re looking for a PlayStation 4, then you may be on the waiting list for some areas. Within the UK, gamers are having a real tough time getting the PlayStation 4 as the console is selling out of stock immediately. Sony made … Read more

European PS4 Pre-Orders are Not Guaranteed after August 6th

UK retailers has just been informed by Sony that PS4 Pre-Orders are no longer guaranteed on the launch date after August 6th. Eurogamer has confirmed that retailers such as Amazon and ShopTo are a few of sellers who has informed their consumers of the news. ShopTo has released a statement on their website, “Sony have confirmed … Read more