PS Vita Sales Increased By 163%

The PS Vita has been increasing in sales within the UK. In fact, there has been a reported increase of 163%! Turns out that the increase of sales are a result of the recent PlayStation 4 release. Recently, Fergal Gara, the MD of Sony UK & Ireland, spoke to IGN on the sudden increase of PS Vita sales.

“A significant number of PS Vita purchasers in the UK indicated that Remote Play was their reason for purchase, and we are subsequently seeing lots of these new PS Vita users connecting to PS4 with this feature.”

Apparently, the PS Vita is being used for the PlayStation 4 remote play. Not a bad feature since you can play your PS4 anywhere in the house or outside, so long as the connection reaches the console. Though another good indicator of why the sudden increase of the PlayStation Vita may have been the PlayStation Now service.

PlayStation Now is a cloud based streaming service from Sony. This will grant subscribers the ability to stream select popular PlayStation 3 titles right on their PS3, PS4 and the PS Vita. However, the service is just entering the beta phase with no date announced as when the service will launch and how much the monthly or yearly rate will be.