Pokimane Wants You To Know She’s Really Good At Valorant

Pokimane has fought her way up to the Immortal rank on Valorant, but some viewers don’t believe she is that good.

The streaming star has been grinding Valorant as of late and recently hit the Immortal rank. Immortal players are among the top 0.4% of all of Valorant. Pokemane has been an avid fan of Valorant since its launch, and has previous reached Diamond rank in the past.

Some players however, aren’t willing to accept Pokemane’s rise. Many began accusing Pokemane of being carried to the rank. But Pokemane says those commenters are “brain dead”.

Credit: Pokimane


Imane “Pokimane” Anys has been stuck in Diamond rank for three acts in Valorant. However, through a lot of grinding she was finally able to push through to Immortal. And as you would, Imane celebrated the moment, claiming she was proud of herself.


However, Imane’s celebrations were upended by various accusations of the streamer being “carried”. But Pokimane was having none of it. Speaking on stream Imane stated:

I’ve been playing Valorant since beta. I’ve hit Diamond rank numerous times, have three ranked accounts. You clearly don’t know this because you don’t watch my stream.


Pokimane has previously spoken about the issues she has faced as a woman in games. In recent months it has become all too clear at the change needed within the medium, and esports in particular. Within the 680 top paid players in esports, just two are woman.

As one of Twitch’s top streamers, Pokimane in many ways has bucked that trend. However, she also addressed the potential of burnout in a YouTube video. In it she hinted that a change in her streams schedule could be coming, but has yet to make an announcement on the matter.

Valorant has seen a massive spike in Twitch viewers in recent weeks, no doubt aided by Pokimane. The game also received a new map recently, which featured a more divided design that previous inclusions. This partnered with Pokimane’s success make it an exciting time to follow the shooter.


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Featured Image Credit: Pokimane/ Early Game