PlayStation 4 Launches in Japan

It’s official, the homeland for Sony’s PlayStation 4 is now selling the console. The country held a special event today where the console began to start selling in a number of retailers. During the event, a number of Sony executives, game designers and developers were present such as the creator of the Metal Gear Solid series, Hideo Kojima.

Currently, the PlayStation 4 has launched in 49 countries and with it the console has managed to sell over 5.3 million units. We’re eager to find out just how many console manage to sell within Japan once Sony discloses the information.

If past launches are an indicator of whats to come, Japan may end up being on the waiting list for more units to hit the market. UK gamers were just told that the supply shortage for the PlayStation 4 should hopefully come to an end by April but again, it’s merely a guess as the ultimate deciding factor will be consumers who purchase the system.