Company Raises $4.4 Million To Create ‘Internet For Gamers’

Network Next, a Santa Monica-based company, is working hard to try and deliver the best possible experience for gamers and it’s raised $4.4 million to make its dream a reality. If you’ve not heard of Network Next, its goal is simple (sort of) – it wants to prioritise game traffic on the internet. On the … Read more

Overwatch Pro Quits After Conspiracy Theories Suggest She Isn’t Real

In one of the strangest stories from the world of eSports, an Overwatch pro has quit following allegations that she doesn’t actually exist. Simply known as “Ellie,” the new addition to the Overwatch League’s official minor league has become the target of speculation from people who believe she’s trying to conceal something. Unusually for an … Read more

10 Young Gaming Entrepreneurs Who are Insanely Rich

The video game industry is a massive sector of the entertainment industry generating over $38 billion dollars of revenue in 2016. All along the way talented entrepreneurs (and some pure gamers in the eSports world) have found their own unique niches to fill and grab tons of that cash. From advertising technology, to VR hardware … Read more

8 things gamers shamelessly lie about while playing videogames

Prepare a list of gamers who have never lied, and it might just be a short list. Almost every gamer has told a fib including even me, the great Vikram the merciful, and I’ve been mashing thumb since the age of seven. Be it beating a boss, finding a secret tunnel, or blaming your poor … Read more

PlayStation 4 Launches in Japan

It’s official, the homeland for Sony’s PlayStation 4 is now selling the console. The country held a special event today where the console began to start selling in a number of retailers. During the event, a number of Sony executives, game designers and developers were present such as the creator of the Metal Gear Solid … Read more

Good Guy Gamers

So a bunch of gamers (around 400) gathered in one city to play video games, and the event leader asked everyone to bring any spare food they could get. They managed to bring in 30,000 pounds of food and when they contacted the media they weren’t interested in the story. We’re sort of feeling that … Read more