Overwatch Player Uses An Actual Turntable To Control Lucio

Image: playoverwatch.com

In the past, we have come across several incidents where the players used various weird objects as controllers to play different games. It is not a new phenomenon at all.

This time an Overwatch player tried to the play as the game’s character Lucio using turntables. YouTube user WhyBeAre posted a video of him playing Lucio with two turntables from DJ Hero. He played an all-bot match where he used the laser gun along and explored his DJ-ing skills too. To much of a surprise he did relatively well in the match.

Image: www.gamespot.com
Image: www.gamespot.com

WhyBeAre used the left turntable for movements while the right turntable was used for aiming. On the other hand, other abilities and shooting were linked to the buttons of both the turntables. The turntables seemed to be a good choice as a controller for Lucio because they could match his speed, attack and back and forth drifting.


However, WhyBeAre couldn’t use the turntable setup to the fullest.

“And when we’re in speed mode we automatically walk forward. Why? Because I couldn’t find a way to turn that off so that is a side effect of the fact that you’re using the DJ Hero turntables. That’s how you know the Lucio you’re playing with is Pro. If they’re in speed mode and then can’t stop walking forward, they’re a professional using the DJ Hero setup.”

Image: www.gamespot.com
Image: www.gamespot.com

Have a look at the whole video below:

YouTube video