Outlast 2 Gameplay Footage Features Chase Scene Through Creepy Cornfield

Outlast 2 is a game which many are looking forward to and rightly so since the first game had more than its fair share of scares.

Many players were taken by surprise at just how immersive and scary the game turned out to be and when a sequel was announced it got excitement levels soaring.

Red Barrels, the team behind the second outing for this spooky franchise, has finally released a playable demo for select section of the media. Our friends at Gamespot has played the demo and undoubtedly it’s as scary as the first game if not more.


The brief footage has you traversing inside a hut and cellars full of bodies of dead kids and then finally you’re given a chase by creepy looking farmers through a cornfield at night.

I mean a cornfield at night is scary enough and it just might be too much for the weak hearted people if you throw in a bunch of creepy looking dudes giving you chase. That’s exactly what this video features and we did have a mini heart attack viewing it.


There are new locations and brand new characters making a debut in the second installment and the popular night vision camera also makes a return.

The game is due out sometime this fall and will be releasing simultaneously for the PC , PS4 and Xbox One. Check out the gameplay video below –

YouTube video