Dan Bilzerian Just Released A Game Featuring Semi-Nude Zombie Chicks

Millionaire playboy and poker player Dan Bilzerian has a notorious reputation of blowing things. Be it blowing way too much cash on parties and hookers or blowing actual objects using more guns than many of us can even imagine, the dude’s really good at it.

Now he’s one upped his blowing game (pun intended) by releasing an official game titled Save Dan (made by Novasoft) for iOS and android devices that lets you, no surprises for guessing, blow things up.


Female ‘zombie’ chicks are now in his line of fire and the official game gives you access to the choicest of weapons including Bazookas and flame throwers to do annihilate them.

The game’s premise is a really simple one. Dan has gone to his favorite shooting range in the desert and luckily finds a bevy of beauties roaming around. On closer look, they all turn out to be zombies.


Dan needs to blow them up and decapitate them using any and every means available unless he wants to become zombie meal.

The game’s fun to pass some time around and fans of Dan definitely will get a chuckle out of playing it. You can watch the debut trailer below.

YouTube video

The game’s out now on both iOS and android app stores. You can get more details about the game on its official website.