Dan Bilzerian Gives Rare Peek of His Gaming Room

Earlier today, notorious uber-rich playboy Dan Bilzerian gave us a rare look at his new gaming room via his Instagram story. Even though Dan has a penchant for showing off his life, his gaming room is rarely featured on any of his social media pages. Dan is a huge Call of Duty fan, so his … Read more

Dan Bilzerian Loses Huge Poker Bet Live on Twitch

Instagram’s most notorious playboy is said to be worth an estimated $100 million. He claims to have earned the majority of his current net worth in high stakes poker games. Most of these games have taken place on private jet’s and smokey casinos straight out of a James Bond flick. But thanks to the magic … Read more

Dan Bilzerian Just Released A Game Featuring Semi-Nude Zombie Chicks

Millionaire playboy and poker player Dan Bilzerian has a notorious reputation of blowing things. Be it blowing way too much cash on parties and hookers or blowing actual objects using more guns than many of us can even imagine, the dude’s really good at it. Now he’s one upped his blowing game (pun intended) by … Read more

Dan Bilzerian Just Got Hacked!

On January 14, 2016 at 12:13PM PST self-made social media titan Dan Bilzerian was struck by a hackers attack. Apparently hackers named Aiden, Rexy, and Risk have taken control over Bilzerian’s twitter account which has 1.3 million followers. The lead hacker Aiden is pretty worried Dan is going to use his guns on him: Dan … Read more