One of Fallout 4’s Best Features Makes it’s Way to Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout 4 has many features added to it that make it much easier to play compared to Fallout 3 and New Vegas. One of the most noticeable and absolute best is the quick looting system.

No longer did you have to open inventories of people you kill or containers you want to loot. Simply hover over anything and take what you want. This improvement makes it much easier and more fun to play through the game and check every container, since it got pretty tedious in the older two games.

via Xilandro Axeuora

Good thing Bethesda games are heavily moddable! And before you comment, yes, we know New Vegas was made by Obsidian, but it’s still a Bethesda game. Anyway, one modder named Xilandro Axeuora decided to mod the quick looting feature into New Vegas. What a saint!

This brings one of Fallout 4’s most valuable features to New Vegas, making life easier for players. If you were planning to do another playthrough of the game, this should give you a good reason to do so.

via Xilandro Axeuora

Check out the mod in action below and download it here.

YouTube video