No Man’s Sky devs are sending out mysterious packages and nobody knows why

We haven’t heard much out of No Man’s Sky for a while, which usually means they’re hard at work on a new patch or something along those lines. This time around, they’re sending out mysterious packages and nobody really knows what they’re for yet.

They’ve been sending these strange packages to moderators of the No Man’s Sky subreddit that are numbered # out of 16. Some of the tapes have been uploaded, some haven’t arrived yet. So far, it’s just a combination of music on one side, noise on the other side, and nobody knows what they mean, but some really clever people are starting to piece it together.

Some of the audio has been run through a spectrograph which has revealed a code. One of the spectrographs revealed the code “706s7274616p” and here’s an analysis by reddit user dstoro:

“Okay, so if you take 706s7274616p and apply ROT13 to it you get 706f7274616c which is a valid hexadecimal value. Converting HEX to ASCII says… You guessed it, “portal”.” – dstoro

So, what is this Portal they’re alluding to? Time will tell, and we’ll probabally all start to make sense at E3 or even when the rest of the tapes have been analysed. Could the tapes be spelling something out? Apparently, Hello Games has a plan in place in case some of the moderators decide not to cooperate.

Here’s the mega thread with all of the up-to-date information about what’s going on, as people work tirelessly to try to crack  the code and figure out exactly what all of this means.