Xbox Scorpio teaser contains hidden message making fun of the PS4

Some people who are very observant noticed a nearly hidden message in the teaser for the Xbox Scorpio, that looks like a subtle jab at the PlayStation 4.

The hidden message appears during the scene with the ferris wheel at a carnival, if you look really closely in the background there’s an equation written on the tent. It’s easy to miss unless you’re specifically looking for it…


It says 6>4.

This is likely a jab at the PS4, which has 4.12 teraflops of computing power, compared to the 6 teraflops of the upcoming Scorpion from Microsoft. It’s probabally a bit too soon to start talking trash about the PS4, but stuff like this can be fun to see, just some harmless competition.

Still, a lot of gamers feel that we’d be a lot better off if both console makers were to work together a bit more, for instance with cross-platform multiplayer. Although, if all games went cross-platform, some players would have an advantage depending on their console.

It’s hard to imagine what other reason these numbers could be printed onto the tent for other than a playful jab where Microsoft boasts that their 2017 or 2018 console will be more powerful than Sony’s 2013 console. Got ’em! 

Scorpio Release Date?


If you really want to dig deep, there’s another shot from the teaser that shows a big crowd of people, and somebody noticed a number faintly printed on the side of the stage. It’s “X10S101-317.”

People are guessing that the X1OS could mean the first generation of Scorpions, and that 10-13-17 means a release date of October 13th, 2017. Take it with a  grain of salt, who knows, but we do know that these numbers were placed there on purpose, whether it’s a secret code or just a red herring.