Naughty Dog says there is a 50% Chance for Sequel to The Last of Us

During a Reddit Ask Us Anything session, the Creative Director Neil Druckmann and Game Director Bruce Stanley of The Last of Us were answering questions from their fans.

They were able to share tons of information from The Last of Us design ideas, the recently released DLC Left Behind, and the future of the team developers.

Druckmann answered the question that has been burning on everyone’s mind. He points out that a sequel to The Last of Us is a 50% possibility. He also mentions that The Last of Us and Uncharted has completely different teams working on each game.

“If you’re asking about a sequel… right now I’d say it’s 50/50.”

Naughty Dog has complete control over The Last of Us, it is up to them if they want a sequel or something entirely different, because Sony confides in their work:

“Sony has complete trust in us. It’s really up to us to come up with something that will keep the team inspired for the next several years — which is why we don’t take the decision of what we’ll work on next lightly.”

They have been so busy with PS3 content for The Last of Us, that they haven’t got time to work with the PS4 yet, but is definitely excited about the next-gen PS4 extra memory. Stanley states:

Dunno really – the DLC is on the PS3, so we haven’t gotten a whole lot of time with the “next-next gen” hardware. But I’m excited about having more memory, until we use it all up again!”

From the looks of the shared information, there is no guarantee that there will be a sequel but it has become obvious that decision is all in the hands of Naughty Dog.

I really do  love the story and the multiplayer is enjoyable as well. I hope to see more on The Last of Us from Naughty Dog. What would you want Naughty Dog to do with TLOU?