Naughty Dog Developing Two Unannounced Projects

Naughty Dog has developed and created some of incredible masterpieces. Now it seems that the development studio has two unannounced projects in the works. Naughty Dog has created works of art throughout the console generations. We’ve seen Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, the Uncharted series to the latest The Last of Us video game. Now … Read more

The Secrets behind Naughty Dog’s Success of ‘The Last of Us’

A couple days ago The Last of Us Creative Director Neil Druckmann, was responding to fans in an Ask Us Anything Reddit session, where he gave insight on the freedom their developers have in creating their games. Naughty Dog has the choice to create a sequel to the popular game or create an entirely new … Read more

Naughty Dog says there is a 50% Chance for Sequel to The Last of Us

During a Reddit Ask Us Anything session, the Creative Director Neil Druckmann and Game Director Bruce Stanley of The Last of Us were answering questions from their fans. They were able to share tons of information from The Last of Us design ideas, the recently released DLC Left Behind, and the future of the team … Read more

Naughty Dog Deciding On The Last of Us 2 or New IP

To say Naughty Dog is a popular game development studio is a vast understatement. There’s no telling as to what the developers will come up with next but one thing is for sure, it will likely be a smashing hit. Recently, Eurogamer had the chance to speak with Neil Druckmann who is a writer for … Read more