PS4 Version of ‘The Last of Us’ is Coming Soon

A Turkish website has posted a video indicating that The Last of Us is going to be available for the PS4 sometime this summer. It should come with all the same features we love and even the single-player DLC ‘Left Behind’. A Neogaf user that goes by Quirah says that the Eurasian Software Market Manager … Read more

Screen Gems is developing ‘The Last of Us’ Movie

In a recent press release, Naughty Dog confirmed that Screen Gems is going to produce The Last of Us film, and the screenplay will be scripted by Naughty Dog’s Creative Director Neil Druckman. Co-presidents Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra and Bruce Stanley Game Director of Naughty Dog reveals that they will be working with “Sam … Read more

New Difficulty Mode Being Added to The Last of Us

There will be one last DLC for ‘The Last of Us’, which will benefit the single player story mode with a new difficulty level, and of course multiplayer content including new maps, weapons, and skills. The new mode is not going to be harder, just something different. This sort of information just makes it seem … Read more

Watch the Making of The Last of Us, a 90-minute Documentary

The video was uploaded on YouTube by sonyplaystation, which shows the journey Naughty Dog faced creating the popular game. Titled as Exclusive | Grounded: The making of the Last of Us, it is a ninety minute documentary film that takes you closer into the development of the blockbuster. The video is down below. Enjoy.

Naughty Dog says there is a 50% Chance for Sequel to The Last of Us

During a Reddit Ask Us Anything session, the Creative Director Neil Druckmann and Game Director Bruce Stanley of The Last of Us were answering questions from their fans. They were able to share tons of information from The Last of Us design ideas, the recently released DLC Left Behind, and the future of the team … Read more