Microsoft Hides Resolution on Game Cases from Consumers

During the previous console war between the Xbox 360 and PS3, Microsoft had labeled all their Xbox 360 games at 1080p, while Sony listed theirs at 720p. Microsoft was able to make their Xbox 360 seem more powerful by making consumers believe that their console processed graphics better.

Turns out that Sony was listing their PS3 games at 720p because that was the native resolution, but Xbox 360 was listing the same games at 1080p in terms of upscaled resolution. A 1080p upscaled version is basically the same as a blown up version of a 720p native version, which means that both consoles basically had the same graphics.

The recently released next-gen PS4 and Xbox One consoles will have higher expectations than ever before, especially when it comes to graphics and improved resolutions. Microsoft have made it to where most of their Xbox One games will run at 720p native resolution while Sony has planned to run their PS4 games at 1080p native resolution.

Nowadays, consumers and media are focusing more on graphic resolutions. To see which PS4 games run at 1080p, you can usually find the information in the back of the game case. When it comes to Xbox One games, Microsoft seems to pick and choose which games they want to put the game resolution description on. They have decided not to put the resolutions on some cases due to them not wanting consumers to know that some of their titles will only be 720p.


You can see on the Killzone Shadowfall game case that the game runs at 1080p resolution.



Ryse: Son of Rome (an Xbox One exclusive game) does not show the game resolutions anywhere on the case and we already know that the game does not run at a native 1080p.



It seems that the tables have turned for the consoles and Sony still holds the crown for the best next-gen console. Why do you think Microsoft is not putting the game resolution on the case? Comment below.