Mikami Says The Evil Within Isn’t Targeting the Call of Duty Market

Shinju Mikami is looking to revitalize the survival horror genre and will be paring down his upcoming game The Evil Within and not turning it into something the game isn’t. He specifically said he would not be chasing the Call of Duty market in an interview with OXM.

The Evil Within is a horror game with supernatural elements. He describes it as such, “It’s one of the attractive things in the game – you don’t really understand whether it’s real or not. It’s like that movie, The Ring, with the surface and the black side. You don’t know if you’re in the real world or not. I wouldn’t wan to say.”

The game does start in the real world, so there will be some basic firearms as the character is a police officer, but it won’t be chasing those players that want a Call of Duty with monster. “We have traditional firearms in the game, but nothing fancy, because it’s traditional. And our moves are quite limited. As an accent, we have traps that you could place – multiple types of traps too – or in the game, you see traps, you disarm them.” It seems to be a much slower paced affair.

He went on to explain the traps. “You could use the traps pretty much any time. It’s a play option. You either use the firearm to play the game or you use traps to beat creatures. Or you can use sneaking to just avoid creatures, so more tactical and strategic. You can sneak through most of the game. Sneak, set a trap and hide.”

The Evil Within will come to PS3, PS4 and all other gaming platforms some time in 2014.