The Evil Within Review

After a long wait The Evil Within is finally upon us and it does not disappoint. Conceived by the master of horror Shinji Mikami The Evil Within feels like a return to true survival horror. You enter the game as detective Sebastian Castellanos a detective with a dark past turning up at what seems like … Read more

Evil Within Resident Evil easter egg

The Evil Within Shinji Mikami’s new IP  has payed tribute to the legendary Resident Evil in one of its early chapters. The scene is based on the scene in the original Resident Evil when you encounter your first zombie. Shinji Mikami worked on the series until the 4th installment. Since that fateful day the series has … Read more

The Evil Within Review Round Up

Here are the latest reviews for Bethesda’s The Evil Within. The Evil Within is what you get when you take the most iconic horror clichés, blend them into a bloody pulp, and spread them across the sturdy bones of Resident Evil 4. I can’t overstate how firmly planted The Evil Within’s roots are in RE … Read more

The Evil Within – The World Within Trailer

Watch detective Sebastian Castellanos die in the most horrible ways imaginable! The latest trailer from Bethesda showcases the world of The Evil Within. Creatures and enemies lurk and will pounce on an opportunity to murder you but with a little bit of skill and some trial-and-error, you might just make it to the end of … Read more

Shinji Mikami Resident Evil Creator Talks Key Elements of Horror

Resident Evil creator along with the upcoming release of The Evil Within, Shinji Mikami, made mention of what the key element is when it comes to creating the prefect horror experience and what he used for his video game developments. Speaking to The Guardian, Shinji Mikami talked about horror video game genre and the faults … Read more

The Evil Within Officially Enters Gold

Bethesda has revealed that the upcoming survival-horror video game, The Evil Within, has officially enter Gold status. This means the game will no longer hit anymore delays but will be releasing in October. The Evil Within is a survival-horror game that was in development by Shinji Mikami, the creator the Resident Evil series. Mikami and … Read more

Bethesda Opening Real-Life The Evil Within Maze

Survival-horror fans might get a delight knowing that the upcoming title, The Evil Within, from Bethesda will turn into a real-life maze filled with the horrors and nightmares from the game. Bethesda has announced that they are partnering up with Australian theme park Warner Bros. Movie World in-order to bring a real-life maze based off … Read more