Microsoft: Ditch Your PS3 And Get $100 To Buy Xbox One

In attempts to get rid of the PlayStation 3 and possibly cut down on the steep cost for the Xbox One, Microsoft has a brand new deal. According to email that posted on NeoGAF, it was revealed that Microsoft is desperate to win the PlayStation nation interest for the Xbox One console and it will cost you one PlayStation 3.

Microsoft is offering $100 of in-store credit to customers that trade in their PlayStation 3. This $100 will cut down on the $500 price point for the Xbox One and the deal is only valid until February 28th within the United States and Canada.

This seem like a desperate move on Microsoft as they were already caught paying YouTubers money for positive insight on the Xbox One console. This is certainly not how you win customers heart and loyalty just to move units and close the gap with Sony in console sells. Besides, PlayStation 3 owners know what’s best as this apparently will not affect their sentiment towards the PS4.

Would you trade in your PS3  for $100 off an Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below.