Microsoft: Ditch Your PS3 And Get $100 To Buy Xbox One

In attempts to get rid of the PlayStation 3 and possibly cut down on the steep cost for the Xbox One, Microsoft has a brand new deal. According to email that posted on NeoGAF, it was revealed that Microsoft is desperate to win the PlayStation nation interest for the Xbox One console and it will cost you … Read more

Is This True???

I have to say, this is probably one of the funniest meme between the 2 console war I’ve seen to day. Do you agree?

How PS4 Fooled Xbox One…

The truth is out there for everyone to see. How it had all began which caused the biggest gaming shitstorm in recent memory. The ultimate trick played by one competitor on another. We’re just kidding of course but the comic below still manages to tickle our funny bones and make us laugh. Check it out … Read more