Logan Paul Says He Is Experiencing ‘Aggressive’ Drug Withdrawals

Logan Paul has opened up about his use of recreational drugs, saying that he’s experiencing “aggressive” withdrawal symptoms after quitting [via Dexerto].

The social media influencer is known for making waves on the internet. With a professional career that spans everything from online video to boxing, there’s no doubt that the guy needs to let off a little steam.

Paul has spent the last six months travelling around the world with his team. This has resulted in long working days for the internet sensation, and he’s been using marijuana to get him through the work.


Logan Paul:“Weed is a powerful drug.”

However, Paul recently opened up about his drug use in a recent episode of the ‘IMPAULSIVE’ podcast. He apparently made the decision to cut marijuana cold turkey from Christmas Eve of 2021. Paul’s reasoning was that he realised that he was “high more than I wasn’t high.”

However, it wasn’t long before Paul started to experience heavy withdrawal symptoms from the recreational drug. He describes them as “aggressive” with symptoms including being irritable, not sleeping, developing a gag reflex, and zero appetite. “I was really going through it,” he explained on the podcast.

You can watch the podcast segment in full below. It starts at 1:09.

YouTube video

Paul isn’t shy about his past drug use and is clear that he understands its powerful effects. “Weed is a very powerful drug. I don’t care who the f*ck says it’s not a drug – it’s a f*cking drug.” It’s refreshing to see a high profile celebrity like Logan Paul open up about his use of drugs and reflect critically on their choices.

The internet star was recently in the news after the Pokémon community claimed his $3.5 million collection was a fake.

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