Kanye West Is Seeking Out Hideo Kojima And Fans Are Worried

Sometimes it’s weird to think that rapper Kanye West exists in the same world as the rest of us, but Ye has brought us right back down to earth by calling out for a meeting with the one and only Hideo Kojima.

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live

After thoroughly checking that this isn’t an incredibly early April Fool’s joke, it really does seem like West wants to meet up with one of the greatest names in game development, which begs the question – why?

The whole thing started when Ye tweeted asking his followers if they knew how to get ahold of the Metal Gear Solid creator, as Ye had heard he was somewhere in New York.

Credit: Hideo Kojima

He then later tweeted Kojima directly, saying: “let’s please meet today.”

Of course the rumour mill has gone into overdrive wondering just what the heck is going on.

Credit: Kojima Productions

People are hoping that Kanye isn’t looking for a part in Kojima’s upcoming game, Death Stranding, with lots of people tweeting to say they’ll avoid buying the title if Ye features in it.

Others are wondering whether Ye is looking to work on the soundtrack to Death Stranding, but considering the soundtrack was released as an LP last year, this seems unlikely.

Reddit seems to have come up with a much more likely explanation, with one user writing: “kanye keeps up pretty decently with big names of different art and media scenes. and since kanye is so in love with auteurs (walt disney, steve jobs, picasso, etc) it’s no surprise he wants to meet someone like Kojima that has so much individual creative control over his game.”

Maybe the gaming community needs to wait a little before deciding to boycott Death Stranding