Jack Black is starting a YouTube Gaming Channel

Jack Black is a name the vast majority know for his acting ability. Fewer will know him from the iconic game ‘Brutal Legend’. Black is now moving more heavily into gaming with the launch of his own gaming channel which he will do from his £399 gaming chair.

Credit: YouTube

Black uploaded his first video just before Christmas to his channel JablinskiGames, which claims to be about “games, food, and life.” Two out of the three of these words are already synonymous with Jack Black, I will let you work out which one isn’t.

As you can see from his video, this is going to be an incredibly serious gaming channel with no shenanigans at all…

YouTube video

In the video he says ‘it is going to be bigger than Ninja and it is going to be bigger than PewDiePie.’ It may take him some time to get to the heady heady heights of 77 million subscribers, but if there is one man to do it… It probably isn’t Jack Black as I am sure he is busy making films and music rather than making YouTube gaming videos. Either way I am excited to see what Black has for us and I expect it will be as bizarre as some of the Tenacious D music videos that he has been a part of and no doubtedly help create in the past.

Black also says that he will be uploading every Friday (tomorrow as of writing this article) and his 581,000 subscribers are already getting excited. He managed to gain this many subscribers due to his video being posted onto Reddit and it absolutely blowing up on there. Certainly a strong way to start his rise to the top of the YouTube gaming section but will he be able to keep those numbers up? We will have to wait and see!

Either way PewDiePie better be watching out!

Credit: PewDiePie