It Turns Out Amouranth Is Excellent At Multitasking While Streaming

We all know that Amouranth is dominating the streaming game, but we’ve now learned that she does it all while doing some heavy duty multitasking.

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa is renowned among Twitch streamers for being one of the most prolific, if controversial, influencers. She’s leading the charge in some of Twitch’s breakout categories, including the Hot Tub meta from Summer and more recently in the Animals category. Outside of streaming, she’s also pursuing other business avenues. She recently purchased her own petrol station for $4 million. Last week it was revealed that she’s up for developing her own adult toy.

It seems that Amouranth is juggling quite a few responsibilities, but it has been discovered that she does all of this while undertaking some heavy multitasking. As reported by Dexerto, popular streamer Ludwig recently discovered Amouranth’s hidden talent. While live, the streamer is chatting with Amouranth via direct message: “Amouranth, we will have to discuss our business ventures, absolutely.”

Before long, Ludwig realises that Amouranth is livestreaming her ASMR content while also sending him messages. “Are you not live right now, Amo? How are you typing in chat?” Ludwig remarks. After tuning into Amouranth’s stream, Ludwig can see that she isn’t even pausing her ASMR content to type out messages. It’s honestly rather impressive as any viewer would be none the wiser that Amouranth wasn’t giving her viewers her full attention.

amouranth horses
Credit: Amouranth


Ludwig is just as impressed: “How is this happening? How is this possible?… Do you just watch Twitch in your headphones secretly while licking a microphone?”, he asks. Amouranth breaks the facade at this point, nodding her head to signal to Ludwig that she can hear him. It’s not just Twitch streams that Amourant watches while creating her own content. When asked if she also watches movies and TV shows while live, Amouranth nods her head in agreement once again.

Honestly, we’ve got to hand it to Amouranth – that’s some seriously impressive multitasking skills. Don’t lie, if you could watch TV at work all day without being any less productive, you’d surely do the same.

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[Featured Image Credit: Amouranth/Twitch]