Vanguard Players Uncover First Glimpse Of New Warzone Pacific Map

Call of Duty: Vanguard players have managed to use a sneaky trick to catch an early glimpse of the new upcoming Warzone Pacific map, Caldera.

Fans of Warzone were disappointed to learn over the weekend that the new Pacific themed map for Warzone has been delayed by a week. It was supposed to launch alongside Vanguard’s first season on December 2nd, but both are now scheduled to drop on December 8th.

That hasn’t stopped the community from getting creative, though. You might remember that a remake of the classic Modern Warfare map “Shipment” arrived in Vanguard last week. As it turns out, that map is actually a small segment of the upcoming Caldera map for Warzone Pacific.

Credit: Activision

How does it look?

If you use a spectator camera on the new Shipment map, it’s possible to escape the level boundaries. Flying around the nearby area, it’s possible to explore an extremely low-poly version of what looks to be Caldera. Just like how parts of Verdansk were made up of smaller classic Call of Duty maps, it looks like Caldera will be just the same. I can’t wait for everyone to hot drop into Shipment!

We can’t make out extreme details from this brief glimpse of the new map, but we can get a rough lay of the land. It seems like much of the map will consist of water this time around, unlike Verdansk which only had one coast. It will be interesting to see if naval combat makes a return from Black Ops Cold War.

We can also make out a large urban area which looks to be a decent replacement for Verdansk’s downtown. Some more open spaces look like they’re ready to house forests, paving some interesting terrain for intense firefights that are sure to ensue.

We don’t have too much longer left to wait until we see the Caldera map for real. Vanguard players can jump in a day early on December 8th. Everyone else can play for free on December 9th.

What do you think of this early glimpse of Caldera in Call of Duty: Vanguard? Let us know across our social channels.

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[Featured Image Credit: Activision]