IKEA To Discontinue Beloved BLAHAJ Shark In UK Next Month

Next month will mark the end of an era as IKEA is set to pull he beloved BLAHAJ shark plushie from its shelves in the UK.

The Swedish furniture company is popular for a whole host of reasons. Sure, it likely furnishes a ridiculous amount of Europe and America’s homes, but it’s also an absolute vibe. Don’t tell me that you haven’t considered going to IKEA for a day trip, just because you could. Did I mention that they also do meatballs?

But if there’s one thing that we love IKEA for, it’s the line of huge adorable plushie toys. First released in 2014, the adorable 39.25″ BLAHAJ shark is an ideal addition to any reasonable person’s home. Never mind that it’s found in the children’s section – the BLAHAJ way of life is for everyone.

Credit: Know Your Meme

Remembering the IKEA BLAHAJ

The shark quickly made its way into meme culture, especially in circles on Tumblr. Since then, it’s become a viral meme in several countries, including Russia and the USA.

However, IKEA has decided that enough is enough in the UK. After April 2022, BLAHAJ sharks will be removed from shelves and pulled from online stores. Shoppers are already starting to see stock shortages as the product reaches the end of its life cycle.

This is truly a dark day for BLAHAJ lovers everywhere. IKEA could potentially return the shark to sale in the future, but it has not yet made those intentions clear.


Hold you shark close tonight, and appreciate what you previously took for granted. We can only hope that IKEA doesn’t continue this trend, or else our beloved DJUNGELSKOG bear might be next.

Are you sad to see the BLAHAJ shark dissappear from the IKEA shelves? Let us know across our social channels.

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[Featured Image Credit: IKEA]