Amouranth Shuts Down Claim That Successful Streamers Must Be ‘Hot’

It’s often found that female streamers are under fire from various members of a community and an audience for simply being attractive, or accused of using attractiveness to become successful. Famous Twitch Streamer Amouranth has weighed in on the issue, and what she has to say might interest you.

Credit: AnthonyPadilla

Amouranth had the following to say in response to continual claims that she’s only got as far as she has due to being attractive:

If you see that all/almost all the women who are super successful at streaming ‘look like super models’ and the conclusion you draw is ‘all it takes to be successful as a female content creator is to be hot’, it’s kind of like arriving at the conclusion that all it takes to be a successful male creator is to avoid cleaning your streaming room,” she writes on Twitter.

Maybe attributing the lion’s share of the observed result to the baseline commonality isn’t using your thinking hat.”

Amournath was recently banned from Twitch for three days due to reasons not explained from the streaming giant, although many believe it could be due to the nature of her content. She’s remained a controversial figure among the streaming community for years, but an important one nonetheless.

What do you think? Do the claims that Amouranth are making seem logical? Or do you think that there’s a lot more to it than she’s claiming? Let us know across our social channels!

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