Pete Davidson Is Going To Space In Upcoming Blue Origin Flight

Pete Davidson has decided to complete another side quest, with his newest idea being to travel to space. It’s currently unclear whether he’s doing this to escape potential revenge from Kanye West, or whether he’s just doing this to add yet another notch to his utterly wild CV.

Davidson will be a crew member on Blue Origin, the Jeff Bezos founded company that sent William Shatner to space recently.

Each and every crewmember will carry a postcard to space on the behalf of Blue Origin. This is thanks to an already existing program known as Postcard To Space, in which schoolchildren get their postcards sent up to space and brought back down. He’s the latest in a long line of stunt casting (if you can call it that) for the company, with a Good Morning America host to be part of the third flight.


Davidson has a wildly varied career, ranging from being a host on Saturday Night Live to playing a minor part in last years The Suicide Squad. In other related news, we can only assume that Kanye West has started to build his own TIE Fighter in order to take down Pete Davidson’s flight. It remains to be seen whether he’s building the real deal or a LEGO version. The thought of either amuses us greatly.

Credit: Lucasfilm

What do you think? Do you believe that Pete Davidson is currently living a make-a-wish fantasy? Do you think our resources could be better spent?

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