Red Dead Redemption 2 Player Manages to Find a Shark in the Game

Red Dead Redemption 2 has a whole host of mysteries hidden within the game and players just keep finding more and more and our minds keep getting blown every time. This time around a player has managed to find a shark in the game. This may not sound like very much but if you think back to when you were playing the game you would have seen anything even close to the size of the animal in the water. Sure, you can get some big fish but nothing quite this big.

Credit: Rockstar Games

This is particularly strange as there is no part in the regular game which the animal can be seen or found. This means that it was probably a potential addition to the game way back in the development phase of the game but Rockstar decided not to put it in. Having said that it could also be a potential asset for future DLC’s. Could there be a DLC where you get to go out on a big boat with Javier and try and spear sharks and dolphins? I, for one, am not ruling that option out.

Check out the video of how the guy managed to find the shark below. The commentator of this video says it takes about an hour and a half to be able to find the shark so you better make some time for this if you are interested in finding it in the game:

YouTube video

unfortunately you can’t actually interact with the shark other than just pushing its limp body around in the weirdly rendered place that it is found. I was hoping to be able to skin it and make a unique hat out of it and then flaunt around Saint Denis like I own the place. I have over 8 grand in the bank, I basically could buy it all anyway!

Will you be making the voyage to find the shark or will you be giving this one a miss?