Red Dead Players Are Obsessed With Finding Mystery NPC Named Gavin

100%-ing a game like Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to take perfectionists a damn long time thanks to the scope of the game. With a massive map, endless sidequests, probably a million and more Easter eggs there’s no end in sight for the world of RDR2, but there’s one mystery in particular that’s really grinding … Read more

Clue In New Fortnite Update Explains The Purple Cube

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Fortnite’s new patch has just been released. It seems that Epic Games is still keeping its cards close to its chest when it comes to the big purple cube, however they have dropped a huge clue in the form of a loading screen. As you can see, Brite Bomber … Read more

The Search For E.T. Video Game Landfill Goes Live!

Somewhere between completely urban legend to fact lies the truth of the E.T. video game landfill. Turns out that a team of filmmakers have been given the official okay on searching for the supposed landfill full of unsold copies of E.T. the video game. A crucial point in a upcoming video game documentary, we may … Read more

First DLC for Outlast titled ‘Whistleblower’ is Releasing in April

‘Whistleblower’ will be the first downloadable content for Outlast to be released in April for the PS4 and PC. A survival horror game where the player is in first-person view as a journalist escaping an asylum with only a camcorder to see in the dark, while avoiding danger in every corner. Red Barrels, the developer … Read more