Red Dead Players Are Obsessed With Finding Mystery NPC Named Gavin

100%-ing a game like Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to take perfectionists a damn long time thanks to the scope of the game.

With a massive map, endless sidequests, probably a million and more Easter eggs there’s no end in sight for the world of RDR2, but there’s one mystery in particular that’s really grinding players gears.

If you’ve not completed the game’s main story maybe look away now. Consider yourself spoiler-warned.

The big mystery that’s gotten everyone talking is about the mysterious NPC known as Nigel, a spooked and worried-looking gentleman who’s desperately searching for his missing friend Gavin.

Credit: Rockstar Games

If you’re familiar with your sidequests, you probably know this has all the markings of a somewhat-average and typical quest to fill your time with, but the interesting thing here is that there isn’t one.

Talking to Nigel doesn’t trigger a quest, nor does it give you any more information other than the basics – Gavin is gone.

Reddit has taken the mystery and run with it, speculating on the strangeness of the situation, which gets even weirder when you realise that Nigel isn’t just confined to one spot on the map – he spawns in a number of random locations…

Credit: Reddit

“Some people are thinking it’s an Easter Egg to the Achivement Hunter/Slow Mo guys Gavin Free. The person yelling sounds like Slow Mo partner Dan,” wrote one Redditer. “I looked everywhere and couldn’t find a Gavin anything in town.”

Rumours have been flying about the O’Driscolls holding him, with people connecting Gavin to a man chained up, but as of yet there’s no proof of either of these theories.

Credit: Rockstar Games

Another Redditer commented with a pretty big spoiler, claiming he: “found this guy later in the game when playing as John in the middle of the woods, still looking for gavin. His suit was dirty and all fucked up. Hes been looking for years, poor guy.”

Interestingly, killing Nigel and searching his body will give you the “Letter To Nigel From Tom.” The letter is from the mysterious Tom, who congratulates Nigel and Gavin’s exploits as millionaire cowboys [via Gosunoobs]. Weird, right?

Credit: Rockstar Games

No-one has yet confirmed whether or not this is correct, as some people are claiming to have found him elsewhere. Without photographic evidence, no-one is laying this mystery to rest.

Have you come across Nigel? Where do you think Gavin might be? Is this DLC or perhaps even related to the upcoming Red Dead Online mode? Let us know your opinions!