How To Put Alexa In Pairing Mode

When purchasing Alexa enabled device, learning how to put Alexa in pairing mode is essential to hook it up. Pairing your phone to your device will help you use your speaker to play music, listen to audiobooks, hear your favourite podcast and more.

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To connect your device, you will need to know how to put Alexa in pairing mode, which is thankfully very straightforward.


How To Put Alexa In Pairing Mode

Pairing your device with Alexa is a quick and easy process. Once your device is paired, you can also disconnect your device by either disabling Bluetooth or commanding Alexa to Disconnect from your device. 

How to put Alexa in Pairing Mode
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  • Step 1: Open the Alexa App on your mobile device
  • Step 2: Select Devices
  • Step 3: Select Echo & Alexa
  • Step 4: Select the Alexa device you want to pair with
  • Step 5: Select Pair a new device. At this point, your Alexa will be in pairing mode, looking to pair with devices that you have around you. 
  • Step 6: Select a device from the list of devices that you want to pair with Alexa.

Once you have selected your device, it will pair with Alexa and you will no longer be in pairing mode. You can only have one device paired to Alexa at a time, and it is worth checking to make sure that device has Bluetooth enabled, as otherwise, Alexa will not be able to see it. After you have followed this setup process, you can also use the command Alexa Connect to the Name of your Device, and it will automatically connect instead of needing pairing mode in the future. 

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