How To Connect Spotify To Alexa

Listening to music is something everyone loves to do, whether it’s while cleaning your home or entertaining guests. A little lo-fi music during dinner makes things feel super fancy! If you often use Spotify to listen to music, and you’ve just got a new Alexa-enabled device, you are probably trying to figure out how to connect Spotify to Alexa. This will ensure your favourite songs are ad-free and play through your new speaker. Thankfully, it’s a pretty easy process.

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How To Connect Spotify To Alexa

How to connect Spotify to Alexa
  1. Ensure that you have a Spotify account, your Alexa device set up, and have the Amazon Alexa App downloaded on your mobile device.
  2. Open the Amazon Alexa App and navigate to Settings.
  3. Select Music and tap Link New Service.
  4. Select Spotify, and log in using your Spotify username and Password.
  5. Select Default Services” so that Spotify will play as your default music platform whenever you request music or look to play a playlist. 

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How To Connect Your Friend’s Spotify To Alexa

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If you don’t have a Spotify account but have friends over who do, they can use their own subscription easily. Follow the below steps to get hooked up:

  • Have your friend connect to your Wi-Fi
  • Command Alexa to Spotify Connect. Alexa will then search for another Spotify account on your Wi-Fi network and then connect to it, allowing them to play music from their collection.

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Once set up, ask Alexa to “Play Spotify” to get the music flowing. Users can also favourite songs by asking Alexa to “Like this Song”. Ask Alexa “What’s Playing” for a song title, or even navigate through Spotify with commands like “Play my Discover Weekly”. Alexa can really make music a breeze in your home

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