How To Set Up The Echo Dot

If you have a new Echo Dot, you will be looking to set up that device as soon as possible. Afterall, you want to get used to it as soon as possible! Setting up devices is the first step, and is always needed in order for your device to work. This is a pretty easy and straightforward process, that actually is the same for each generation of the Echo Dot, which is very handy.

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How To Set Up The Echo Dot

Credit: Amazon
  1. Download (or update) the Alexa App on your mobile device.
  2. Find a place for your Echo Dot in your home and plug it in. The device will turn blue than orange, to indicate it is in Set-Up mode.
  3. Open your Alexa App on your mobile device.
  4. Navigate to the hamburger menu, called More
  5. Select Add a Device
  6. Select Amazon Echo and then Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus and More.
  7. Wait for your Echo Dot to appear on your phone, and then select it.
  8. Choose the Wi-Fi network you want to connect your Echo Dot to and connect it. You may need your Wi-Fi password handy.
  9. If you are connecting your Echo Dot to an external speaker, this next step will prompt you to do so now.
  10. Create a room where your Echo Dot is located or select one of the common room names from the list, and list this in your app.

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Now you are done. Most of these steps, if following along in the app, will have easy-to-understand prompts which will allow you to easily figure out what you are doing and get things connected. Once your Echo Dot is all set up, you can start playing around with commands, exploring the app and checking out other features of the device. 

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