How To Install A Ring Doorbell 3

If you have recently purchased the most recent addition to the Ring Doorbell family, the Ring Doorbell 3, you may be looking to install this device. The process of how to install a Ring Doorbell 3 is actually really simple, and it’s meant to be that way so that you can get your device easily set up and working, as soon as possible. It won’t take you too much time, though there is some app set up if you’ve never had a Ring Doorbell before, and we will start there with this guide.

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How to install a Ring Doorbell 3
Image Credit: Ring

How To Install A Ring Doorbell 3

  • Step 1: Install the Ring app on your mobile device and set up the app as per the in-app instructions.
  • Step 2: Take your Ring Doorbell 3 battery and plug it into the included orange micro-USB. Plug this into an outlet and set aside to charge. The light on the top of the device will turn green when it is fully charged.
  • Step 3: Take your fully charged battery and slot it into the bottom of your Ring Doorbell 3. It should make a clicking noise.
  • Step 4: Pop the level tool from the box into the hole on the front of your Ring Doorbell 3, right below the camera. This will ensure your doorbell is being installed straight.
  • Step 5: Place the doorbell next to your door. It is advised that the doorbell be about 48 inches from the ground. Use the level to ensure it is straight.
  • Step 6: Mark the positions for mounting with a pencil, through the holes. 

How To Install A Ring Doorbell – Continued

  • Step 7: Using a drill, you will need to drill holes into your wall where you’ve marked positions. If you are installing on brick, stucco or concrete, you will want to use the included plastic anchors by hammering them into the hole so that your doorbell is secure. If you are using the optional mounting plate on wood walls or vinyl, you can use screws without the anchor.
  • Step 8: Remove the level tool from the front of your device and place your Ring Doorbell 3 over the holes.
  • Step 9: Feed all of the wires and wire nuts if you did use them into your wall. Secure your Ring Doorbell 3 on the wall, using all four of the included screws.
  • Step 10: Select one of the provided faceplates and slot it into your Ring Doorbell, from the top. It should click into place.
  • Step 11: Screw the screws into the faceplate, to ensure everything is secured together.

Once your Ring Doorbell 3 is all in place, you won’t have much trouble removing it for charging. It’s a pretty easy process, and ensuring the doorbell is straight and the wires are all in place is ideal for the perfect doorbell. 


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