Hilarious Adult VR Pre-Game Warning Spells It Out For You

The VR gaming scene is thriving at the moment with more and more innovative and unique gaming experience coming for the devices.

One segment is gaining popularity in abundance and that’s Adult VR games. Although one can be forgiven for including pre-game tips for avoiding an embarrassing situation while playing such games, but then there’s game like this which simply takes it to another level altogether.

No one would be able to skip a smile coming to their faces once you set your sights on the pre-game warnings this game has. It literally has your back and advises you against doing anything that might disclose what you were upto to anyone that comes by.



We’re talking about the game VR Kanojo and it’s a Japanese Adult VR game where you are tasked with observing a school girl doing her day to day activities and indulge in some rather kinky practices.

This message pops up on the screen before you start your lust-filled observations of the innocent looking Japanese school girl.

vr-kanojo-warning (1)

As you can see, the developers have left nothing to the imagination and are being as frank as possible.


This isn’t a game you want your peers or friends catching you playing, and hence they have ensured they offer you pearls of wisdom that can save you from ever facing such a sticky situation.

Check out a safe for work video of the game below: