Sony’s new virtual reality headset patent detects objects

New source revealed  Sony Computer Entertainment  is getting  closer to reveal their new virtual reality headset technology.

The patent was spotted by a NeoGAF user Rösti and described as an “object avoidance apparatus”. The visualization of the virtual reality headset technology can be detected similar to the real-world. It calculates its distance from you, and replaces it with different virtual techniques.

This will interact with the player movements  in video game. Basically, it will be like a warning signal that would  keep you alert when the player’s getting close to a dangerous object.

Also some interesting details about the headset. The sensor  can detect  “body temperature, pulse, blood components, perspiration, brain waves, and cerebral blood flow.

Are you excited by this new patent by Sony. Do you feel these are tech they are going to incorporate with the PS4 or are they a sign of the future beyond the current console?