Megan Thee Stallion Launches A Virtual Reality Concert In US

Megan Thee Stallion will be performing in a virtual reality concert, dubbed “Enter Thee Hottiverse” in the US. Megan announced the news on Monday. She will be performing at the concert “tour”, which is actually a series of virtual reality concerts across 10 cities in the US. Fans can go to movie theatres, put on … Read more

Man lost over 55 pounds playing this VR game, says it saved his life

Weight loss through gaming is nothing new, but VR opens the doors to so many more possibilities. From playing Wii Tennis, DDR, even drumming in Rockband, there have been plenty of games over the years that can work up a sweat, but VR offers a very immersive experience where it adds calorie burning into the … Read more

Ubisoft’s VR Games will all Have Cross-Platform Multiplayer Support

Although PSVR was released not long ago, there hasn’t been much support from big publishers in regards to VR tech until now. Ubisoft will be making waves with VR games very shortly and they’ve recently announced that some of those games will function as cross-platform as multiplayer gamers across platforms will unite together. It’s an … Read more