Here’s How You Can Pet The Robot Dog In Battlefield 2042

While Battlefield 2042 might be a grizzled war shooter grounded in realism, there’s a cute Easter egg that lets you pet the robot dog.

Battlefield 2042 features robot dogs that are known as ‘Rangers’. These can be called in as an airdrop via a portable tablet that your soldier carries around. They look super adorable, but they’re capable of packing a punch. Following your squad around, they can shoot at enemies remotely, helping players take back control points.

However, there is a softer side to these murderous death machines. As discovered by YouTube user DANNYonPC, it’s possible to give these good boys the petting they deserve. If you perform a series of actions, an animation will trigger in which the robot dog bounds around excitedly and the player character bends down to stroke it. It’s super adorable and is something I’ll be doing every time I call one of these lads in.

YouTube video

How to pet the robot dog in Battlefield 2042

If you’d like to try this easter egg for yourself, it’s relatively simple. All you need to do is call in one of the Ranger dogs from the call-in menu. This can be accessed during any All-Out Warfare mode once you’ve captured an objective point. Drop it at your feet and wait for it to spawn in. To make things easy, use the commo-rose to give the dog a stay command. Then, all you have to do is stand in front of the dog and hold the interact button. Wait a few seconds and the animation will trigger.

DICE is usually pretty prolific with Easter eggs in Battlefield titles. We all remember the Jurassic Park and Megalodon teases from Battlefield 4. Who know what other secrets will be uncovered in this latest Battlefield title? We’ll be sure to update you with more of them right here on FragHero.

Have you petted the robot dog yet in Battlefield 2042? Let us know across our social channels.


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[Featured Image Credit: EA/DICE]