Here’s A Roundup Of All The Latest Halo Infinite Reviews

The Halo Infinite campaign is finally here! We’ve spent plenty of hours getting stuck into the Halo Infinite multiplayer, but it’s finally time to see what the campaign has to offer.

Thinking about picking up the Halo Infinite campaign for yourself? Here’s a roundup of what the reviews are saying about it.

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What is the Halo Infinite Campaign about?

The Halo Infinite campaign is set several months after the events of Halo 5: Guardians and picks up where the story left off. Master Chief is searching for Cortana after she escaped at the end of Halo 5. In that time, a mercenary faction known as the Banished have risen up to take the place of the Covenant. In a brutal attack they decimate the UNSC Infinity and take the Chief out of action.

We pick up with the Chief as he’s found floating in space after 6-months. He’s resting awfully close to a brand new Halo construct, known only as Zeta. The Banished have taken over this construct and appear to be searching for its deepest darkest secrets. The Master Chief, paired with his trusty new AI companion and Pelican pilot, must fight to stop whatever it is the Banished are planning and discover more about the Zeta Halo along the way.

In this modern take on Halo, developer 343 Industries has given us our first proper taste at an open-world Halo. You can explore segments of the ring almost at your own leisure with story progression increasingly unlocking new areas to fight in. New weapons and gadgets allow for more experimental traversal. 

I greatly praised the Grapple Shot in my review for GameByte, explaining that it opens up a whole new way to move and fight. The sandbox-based combat is a joy to partake in, and the narrative seems extremely ambitious in what it’s trying to set up. However, the open world segments can get a little dry, and I feel that the story ends prematurely before it has anything meaningful to say. I gave a score of 7.5/10.

Credit: 343 Industries

What’s the verdict?

But what did everyone else think of the Halo Infinite campaign? Well, Windows Central gives the most glowing review so far. Brendan Lowry gave the game a perfect 5/5 score, praising the excellent story and characterisation as well as the fantastic sandbox gameplay.

In fact, the reviews are very positive all round. GameInformer rated Infinite as a 9.25/10, also praising the pivot to an open world structure, stunning graphics and immense replayability factor. Jade King also thought highly of Infinite, writing for TheGamer, “Halo Infinite isn’t quite everything I wanted it to be, but Master Chief’s long-awaited return is still a triumphant step in the right direction for 343 Industries”. She gave a score of 9/10.

Not everyone has been as overwhelmingly positive as others, but there are very few ‘negative’ reviews, per se. The lowest scores on Metacritic all sit at 7/10. Dean Abdou writes for GAMINGBible, “Halo Infinite is definitely the game that will make 343 Industries. After a few rocky attempts, this is a fun and much needed return to form for the franchise.”

Overall, Halo Infinite Campaign is currently sitting at a healthy score of 86% on Metacritic. Do you think you’ll be jumping into the Halo Infinite campaign later this week? Let us know across our social channels!

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[Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries]