Help Shape The Kingdom Hearts Series Through A Survey

The Kingdom Heart series has been a popular franchise since its first debut. Giving players the ability to dive into the different universes that Disney created along with a few Square Enix Final Fantasy characters has given players countless hours of fun. Now that we’re waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 to get its release, Square Enix is allowing you, the fans, a chance to shape the future of the franchise.

A new survey released onto the official Kingdom Hearts Facebook page where it asks several in-depth questions about the overall Kingdom Hearts series and your purchase of the game. For instance, within the survey, questions will be asked about your time playing Kingdom Hearts, why you enjoy the game and the different characters. While other questions will be asked about your purchase such as if you pre-order the game or not.

Through this survey, fans can help the development team chart a path that fans are looking for. This will also help with pre-orders by giving you the content that matters most to you. Currently, Kingdom Hearts 3 is still in development with an expected release date coming sometime within next year 2015. You can take part of the survey up until this March 14th.