Kingdom Hearts 3 Leaks Are Appearing On P*rnhub

Unfortunately it seems that players are leaking footage from the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 on the site, uploading clips including the opening scene of the game and even an apparently “secret boss.” (We won’t be sharing any links here. Kingdom Hearts 3 is a game that we’ve wanted for actual years and no, we don’t … Read more

Physical Copies Of Kingdom Hearts 3 Have Appeared Over A Month Early

Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts 3 is one of the most hotly-anticipated released of 2019, so the fact that physical copies have been appearing over a month before the game’s release has sent everyone into a frenzy. Heads up, Kingdom Hearts fans: The full version (!) of KH3 appears to be out in the wild (some … Read more

5 upcoming single player games that you can play for more than 100 hours

Whether it’s nostalgia or your excitement for the next big game. There is always a reason that your favorite games offer such high replay-ability for you. These are five upcoming single-player games that can offer you more than 100 hours of pure, fun, gameplay. Whether it’s 100% the game, a long story, multiple endings or you … Read more

Great Games That Start Out Really Awful

10 Great Games That Start Out Really Awful

When it comes to trying out new games, the early stages can often make or break the experience. They can halt games entirely, seeming so tedious and laborious that players simply can’t go on. Equally, they can engage us in special ways, making us eager for more. Sometimes, the early stages aren’t all that reflective … Read more

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10 Video Games That Must Be Turned Into Movies

From your home TV to the silver screen, video game intellectual properties are no stranger to the movie theatres. Although more often than not, movies based on popular video game franchises never seem to work out very well. Regardless, I am a firm believer that movies based on video games can be a real thing. … Read more