Physical Copies Of Kingdom Hearts 3 Have Appeared Over A Month Early

Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts 3 is one of the most hotly-anticipated released of 2019, so the fact that physical copies have been appearing over a month before the game’s release has sent everyone into a frenzy.

Credit: Square Enix

The title has a release date of 25th January 2019, but the released copies of the game are already causing huge issues for the KH team and its fans.

People are scrambling to stay away from the expected onslaught of spoilers, tweets and videos of gameplay, while Square Enix scrambles to contain the situation.

Credit: Square Enix

The official social media pages for Kingdom Hearts have posted a statement from the company, apologising to its fans for the mistake.

The statement, which you can read in full below, says: “The whole team has been working together since yesterday night (Japan time) to investigate what we can do to better this situation.”

The game’s director Tetsuya Nomura also confirms they know where the leak has come from, but adds that the game’s epilogue and secret movie – the most spoiler-ific parts of the game – haven’t been released, so at least those won’t be cropping up online anytime soon.

Fans are banding together and showing their support for the company, Square Enix and each other.

Will you be hunting for spoilers?