Tokyo Disneyland Has Incredible Kingdom Hearts-Themed Hotel Rooms

2018 was a great year for games but 2019 looks like it’s going to be even bigger and better.

One of the most exciting games of 2019 is out in just a few days, and people are counting down the hours until they can get their hands on the highly-anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3.

As a part of the KH celebrations, Tokyo Disneyland has announced that it’s opening its own Kingdom Hearts-themed hotel rooms, to make your stay at Disney that little bit more magical.

Credit: Disney

There’s just a couple of images of the rooms out now [via Kotaku] but from what we’ve seen, they look absolutely perfect.

The rooms will open using their very own Keyblade, and best of all, you can take a Keyblade home with you as a permanent reminder of your stay.

Credit: Disney

You’ll also get postcards too, presumably to send to your very jealous pals back home.

You can book your reservation from 30th January, but you won’t be able to stay in the rooms until March at the very earliest.

Credit: Disney

So how much is Disney charging for the experience? It’s apparently a minimum of 46,100 yen (around £330) per night, and the rooms have two standard beds and one trundle bed.

Make your booking here.

The GameByte team had some hands-on experience with Kingdom Hearts 3 last year. Check out the gameplay snippets below!

YouTube video

Kingdom Hearts 3 releases 25th January 2019.


Featured Image Credit: Disney/Square Enix