A Power Rangers Fighting Game Is Coming This Year

Yesterday the whole world was abuzz with the Mortal Kombat 11 event which live-streamed its first snippets of gameplay for eager fans.

But Mortal Kombat wasn’t the only game to get people talking yesterday, as an upcoming Power Rangers game came to light.

Credit: Hasbro

Revealed alongside a trailer, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is apparently “the Power Ranger game we’ve all been waiting for,” but fans’ opinions are divided on that.

Check out the trailer for yourself below.

It’s been confirmed by the developers that the game will feature brand-new combat and battle mechanics build from the ground up, meaning the game isn’t a port.

Credit: Hasbro

The surprise announcement has a lot of Power Rangers fans pretty excited – but lots are also pretty hesitant.

On Twitter, one user said: “A power rangers fighting game is something I’ve wanted for a while and it looks good from this trailer. Reading the website the simplified inputs makes me cautious but I’m hoping for the best.”

Credit: Hasbro

Another seemed impressed at the timing of the game, which was revealed not only on the same day as the Mortal Kombat 11 gameplay reveal, but will also be released around the same time…

Not everyone was impressed with the reveal, with lots of people criticising the quality of what was shown.

The game will release as a digital download for $19.99 first on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in April 2019, and then as a PC release later in the year.

Credit: Hasbro

What’s your opinion on this?


Featured Image Credit: Hasbro