Halo Infinite Co-op Is Available Via A Glitch, But It’s Very Buggy

Official co-op support for the Halo Infinite Campaign isn’t coming until May 2022, but players have figured out a way to glitch the feature into existence [via Kotaku].

Playing Halo campaigns in co-op is one of the series staples. Fans of the series likely have many fond memories of brute forcing their way through the campaigns on Legendary difficulty with a pal. With Halo making the move to a massive sandbox open world, the possibilities for co-op gameplay are endless.

However, co-op functionality for the Halo Infinite campaign has been delayed slightly. Along with Halo Forge, the feature isn’t set to arrive until at least May 2022. However, some impatient players have figured out how to glitch the feature into existence.

Credit: 343 Industries

How to glitch co-op into Halo Infinite Campaign

First up, you should know that attempting this glitch puts all of campaign progress at risk. It’s worth backing up any save files you have or simply avoiding this glitch altogether. You should also know that this glitch only applies for split-screen co-op. As it stands, it’s still impossible to play co-op online. Your co-op partner will also be without any HUD. Still want to proceed? Here’s how to do it.

Firstly, you’ll need to put your game into offline mode. From there, sync up a second controller and assign it to a profile. Once that’s done, start up the campaign with the player one controller. Then back out. You’ll now need to press start with player two’s controller and add yourself to the fire team. Once this is done, you should be able to play the campaign in co-op.

The glitch was discovered by Twitter user ‘nobleactual4’. Here’s the results in action.

Will you be trying out this slightly sketchy way to play the Halo Infinite Campaign in co-op? Let us know across our social channels.

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[Featured Image Credit: 343 Indsutries]