Halo Infinite Co-op Is Available Via A Glitch, But It’s Very Buggy

Official co-op support for the Halo Infinite Campaign isn’t coming until May 2022, but players have figured out a way to glitch the feature into existence [via Kotaku]. Playing Halo campaigns in co-op is one of the series staples. Fans of the series likely have many fond memories of brute forcing their way through the … Read more

Halo Infinite Lead Explains Why Co-Op And Forge Are Delayed

343 Industries has explained why some parts of Halo Infinite are experiencing a delay despite the game releasing this year. Halo Infinite multiplayer has been out for over a week now, and the campaign is coming soon. However, two key parts of the game are still unfinished. Those two features are co-op campaign and Forge … Read more