Halo Classic Announcer Is Coming Back In Big Team Battle

In a new post, 343 Industries has confirmed that the classic Halo announcer will be returning in Big Team Battle after launch.

Halo Infinite comes out on December 8th, and with it comes a new version of Big Team Battle. This is a 12v12 mode with large-scale combat, featuring vehicles and powerful weapons on bigger maps. However, it was missing something in the technical flights recently.

That was Jeff Steitzer, Halo’s classic announcer. Halo fans will know him as the guy that announces your multikills or killing sprees, hyping you up as you play. He’s also a Trans Rights supporter. He wasn’t there in Infinite’s Big Team Battle mode, but 343 has reassured fans he will be there after launch.

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Credit: 343 Industries

Jeff’s awesome voice is present in Infinite’s Arena mode, but many felt something was missing in BTB without him. He’s one of gaming’s most iconic announcers and a part of why Halo multiplayer is so fun. Thankfully, he won’t be missing for too long.

More Updates

And that’s not all 343 is adding post-launch. We know Forge and co-op Campaign are being added after launch, and 343 is also keeping a close eye on player feedback from the last technical test.

343 has been working on improving aiming by altering aim assist. Some players felt aiming was too difficult in the tests, so hopefully that will be better when the game comes out. One other area they’re looking at is grenade and hammer physics. They recognise that players want better physics in-game, and they’re looking at ways to improve it.

The Plasma Pistol was incredibly weak at first, and 343 is looking at making it stronger against Spartans. The Banshee was another underwhelming part of the sandbox and it’s getting a buff to make it worth using more. Meanwhile, the Commando has been toned down a bit.

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Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries