Guy leaves undisputed most hilarious Amazon review for Nvidia Graphics card

Here’s a hilarious Amazon review for Resident Evil 7 that some of you can probabally relate to, at least a little bit if you’re honest with yourself.

If you’re out of the loop, Resident Evil 7 is a terrifying game, which is only amplified when you play it with a VR headset. Just ask this guy, who left a review for his cousin’s GPU after seeing just how powerful it really was.

You’ve got to give the guy credit for finding time to leave a review after inheriting such a beastly gaming rig. If you want to try RE7 in virtual reality, make sure you’ve got a good life insurance policy and maybe stick to 30 minutes at a time. You can even grab one of Dell’s new gaming PCs that can run VR for only around $1000, if you aren’t lucky enough to have a rich cousin with a bad heart.